The vision of the Pancyprian Association for People with Autism is that children and adults with autism should be able to integrate equally and without discrimination in all structures of the community where they live and should be able to receive financial support and professional support from the State, when and where needed.

The basic values that must govern every democratic state that respects all its citizens are respect, especially for people with disabilities and, by extension, for people with autism. Equal access or equal accessibility to buildings, services, development projects or anything that can make life easier and more enjoyable.

The volunteers, staff and professionals who offer services in the programs and generally contribute to the development of our organization, guarantee with their professionalism and responsibility in all their actions for the benefit of children and adults with autism.

Our future vision is to manage to operate as many structures and programs for people with autism as possible, which will aim at education, social integration, vocational rehabilitation, independent living and palliative care for people with autism and their families.