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The Pancyprian Association for People with Autism was founded in 1990, and is recognized by the state as a non-profit organization. The main purpose of the Association is to:

Work to ensure the rights of people with Autism

Ensure a better quality of life for them

Demand the right to lifelong education and the provision of treatment to children and adults in need

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Autism?

O Autism is a congenital, neurodevelopmental disorder that affects many important aspects of a person's functioning.

Who makes the diagnosis?

The diagnosis is made by paediatric psychiatrists, paediatric neurologists or developmental neurologists.

Rights / Benefits Competent Department Information
Parking Card TKEAA Preferential parking.
European Disability Card TKEAA It ensures equal access to certain specific benefits (mainly in the areas of culture, tourism, leisure, sport and transport). *A list is available.
Technical means (Computer, Printer, Communication System, Sensory Room Configuration) TKEAA Financial assistance is available up to 80% of the final value of the technical equipment requested (a list of maximum amounts is available).
Minimum Guaranteed Income (MGA) / Disability Allowance HSE

According to the Law, "person with a disability" means a person who has long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments, which, when interacting with various barriers, may prevent his/her full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others and who is certified as a person with a severe or total disability by the Disability Assessment System, or moderate intellectual disability, or has been approved as a recipient of public assistance as a disabled person under the provisions of the Public Assistance and Services Act, as amended or replaced from time to time, until he or she is certified as a person with a severe or total long-term physical and/or mental and/or intellectual and/or sensory disability or moderate intellectual disability by the Disability Evaluation System (the TCDS), if called for certification.

If a person is found to be entitled to the EEE/Disability Allowance, he/she is entitled to the following:

Ø Care Allowance (Home, institutional or other care is provided for)

Ø Subsidy for the need for diapers for minors/adults

Ø Covering emergency needs (e.g. household appliances, furniture, clothes, etc.)

Ø Home Metering with Code 08 from the AHK, which offers reduced fees

Ø Special Tariff Packages from CYTA

Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth Special Education Special facilities and benefits are provided (e.g. Special Education, Speech Therapy, school assistant/assistant, exemptions, individualised programme development), following a needs assessment and a decision of the Provincial Committee for Special Education and Training (DSEE).
*It is noted that, for additional rights/social benefits for children with Autism, there is relevant information from the Association's Social Service.
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Support and Counselling Programme for People with Autism and their Families

he “Support and Counselling Programme for People with Autism and their Families” established in January 2018. Its purpose is to support people with autism and their families in all areas of their daily life, aiming at improving their quality of life.

The Programme consists so far of 6 professional Social Workers, 3 in Limassol, 1 in Nicosia, 1 in Larnaca – Famagusta and 1 in Paphos.

Social Workers hold meetings with the families, where they evaluate and investigate families’ requests at a social and economic level by providing appropriate social support, information about their rights and benefits and how to claim them. Social Workers also support families emotionally by following the principle of confidentiality and the code of ethics.

At the same time, Social Workers provide counselling and guidance and network families with other professionals, services and Organisations. In addition, they collaborate and simultaneously mobilise formal and informal community support networks.

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